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      Oitavas de Final DA TAça DOS CAMPEõES EUROPEUS DE 2024 is a national high -tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and application of precision assembly technology,is 3C electron、Car Electronics、The semiconductor industry provides automated equipment and automated assembly solutions;、Transportation control and visual technology,Integrated years of industry application experience, Provide customers with more competitive industrial services。

      Main Products: Shielding cover automatic deduction press、Intelligent picking machine、Auxiliary materials smart paste、Alien component plug -in machine、Treatment tool automatic disassembly machine, etc.,and the 3C industry's entire line automation assembly solution。

own intellectual property right

Software/hardware all developed independently,Currently 6 items with invention patents, 16 items of practical new patents,Software copyright 4 items

High cost performance

Imported equipment is quite performance, the price of domestic equipment;

Ultra -high flexibility

Platform design,Most of the products of the marketing market; precise customization,Quick response and landing

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Create value for customers,Create opportunities for employees,Create interests for shareholders!

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0755-27270239 / 400-9968-178

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Shenzhen, Baishixialong Wang Temple Industrial Zone, Baishidia, Baishi Xiamen, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 4th floor

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