Many good blessings,It is expected that my country's industrial automation market size will increase to 311.5 billion yuan in 2023

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Industry is a machine or equipment or production process without manual intervention,Achieve measurement at the expected goal、Manipulation and other information processing and process control。Automation technology is the method and technology of exploring and studying the automation process。It involves mechanical、Microelectronics、Computer、A comprehensive technology in technical fields such as。

There are many types of subdivided products contained in the industrial automation control system,Usually it can be divided into control layer from functional、Drive layer and execution layer,The control layer is mainly responsible for understanding and issuing instructions,Generally includes 、、HMI and other control components; the driver layer mainly uses the electrical signal to identify and conduct,Generally includes、servo drives and other drivers; execute layers responsible for execution instructions,Including various types of drivers and supporting elements。


Analysis of the value chain of industrial automation control system

The upstream of the industrial automation control system is mainly semiconductor components、Electronic components、Steel and structural components,There are more fields involved in the downstream of the industry,Including OEM -type electronic equipment manufacturing、Packaging、etc.,and project type、、Oil and gas、Metallurgical、Municipal and other fields。
Except for some core components,The supply of upstream industries on the influence on the industrial automation control system is generally less。The upstream industry basically belongs to the market liberalization competition stage,Although it is affected by factors such as supply and demand,Raw materials and parts fluctuate to a certain degree in price,But the business development involved in industrial automation related fields is fully、Technology is more mature、Product supply is relatively stable,Therefore, industrial automation control system Enterprise can adjust the product price,Reasonable control of inventory and other measures to transfer some raw materials、The risk of the price fluctuations of parts and parts。
The market demand of the downstream industry is more impact on the industrial automation control system.。There are many types of automated equipment required for downstream industries、Various model specifications,Therefore, the highly dependent industrial automation control system for the downstream industry is mostly non -standardized products。The downstream industry plays a key role in the level of emphasis on its own level of automation and the level of industrial automation control system products。

Industrial Automation Control System Industrial Chain Composition Composition

Industrial automation related policies have been introduced one after another

The country has successively introduced a number of policies,Encourage industrial automation control industry development and innovation。The "Intelligent Manufacturing Development Plan" clearly proposes that it is necessary to face the development needs of intelligent manufacturing for enterprises,Promote the division of labor collaboration of various aspects of the industry chain、Common Development,Gradually formed a smart manufacturing system integrator as the core、Leading companies in various fields jointly advance、A large number of "specialized" enterprises that are positioned in the subdivided field of "specialized" enterprises in -depth participation in intelligent manufacturing development ecosystem。Strategic support at the national level of policy support provides a good external development environment for the industrial automation industry,It will fully drive the rapid development of the industrial self -chemical industry to achieve the gradual transformation of industrial enterprises to intelligent manufacturing。

"Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)", "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Deepening of the Integration of New Generation Information Technology and Manufacturing", "Notice on Supporting the High-quality Development of SMEs for Specialty" " Such industrial policies provide clearly for the development of the industrial automation control industry、Vast market prospects,Provided a good production and operation environment for the enterprise。

"Fourteenth Five -Year Robotics Industry Five -Year Development Plan" jointly released by 12 departments in China,Not only will it promote the sustainable and healthy development of the Chinese industrial robot industry in the new cycle,and under the connection between the Chinese market and the world,Promoting global industrial robot technology,and the progress of industrial automation。


Industrial automation control industry is facing good development opportunities

my country's industrial automation industry starts late,But the development momentum is strong。For nearly 30 years,my country has successfully achieved the rapid development of industrialization,Manufacturing output value has been in the world's leading position。Industrial automation industry is the key to promoting manufacturing from low -end to mid -to -high -end upgrades,Although there is still a significant gap between the key core technologies of my country's industrial automation industry and foreign brands,But in recent years, the country has launched policies to encourage high -end equipment manufacturing,Provides strong policy support for the development of the industrial automation industry,China's industrial automation industry has made significant progress,Domestic alternative process acceleration。

WithThe continuous advancement of my country's industrial economic structure adjustment and industrial upgrade,The huge manufacturing market will provide good development opportunities for the domestic industrial automation industry。my country's population aging phenomenon intensifies,The shortage of labor population prompts the machine to replace artificial manual as a long -term trend,further promoted the market's demand for industrial automation equipment。At the same time,With the rapid development of my country's high -end equipment manufacturing industry and the continuous expansion of industrial automation control products,Industrial Automation Control Industry market size shows a growth trend。
Data display,2021 my country's industrial automation market size reached 253 billion yuan,It is estimated that the market size in 2023 will increase to 311.5 billion yuan。