Shielding cover automatic buckle press

Product Function:

Suitable for communication terminals (mobile phone、Netcom products、Drone、vehicle electronics, etc.) SMT production line,GM,Make a shielding cover、Shielding box automatic deduction、Accessories Paste、Barcode reading and other applications。

Product introduction


AM3-01   Technical parameters of the automatic deduction of the shielding cover                


Basic configuration

Standard feeding platform,Three -stage anti -static belt transmission,MK camera,part recognition camera, xy axis motor motor、Magnetic grid ruler、THK linear guide rail; docking with MES system and MTS tools。

Patch accuracy

Repeated positioning: ± 0.02mm , Position accuracy: ± 0.05mm  3sigma

Patch speed

2.6s/shielding cover  2.5s/shielding cover  

3.2s/shielding cover   

Qualification rate

Qualification rate ≥99.9%

Qualification rate ≥99.8%

Shielding cover size

min: 5 × 5mm

MAX: 80 × 50mm

min: 5 × 5mm

MAX: 60 × 60mm

TRAY ingredient size

Width range: 152mm-255mm length ≤320mm

PCB size

min: 50*50 (mm),MAX: 350*300 (mm),thickness <5mm

Host size

1200x1430x1540mm (length*width*height) contain transmission track

1200x1420x2200mm (length*width*height) contain transmission track

Equipment weight

About 1300kg

About 1000 kg