AM900 Auxiliary Material Patch Machine

Product Function/Features:

1、Auxiliary materials that can be installed with 3C product assembly section,such as: label、Mora、copper foil、Hot Silicone Gloves、Conductive foam、graphite tablets and other auxiliary materials paste;

      Barcode read and upload;

      MES docking.

2. Support 1-4 kinds of accessories;

Product introduction


AM900 Auxiliary Material Patch Machine

Basic configuration

Steel structure welding platform,Belt 3 -segment transmission,4 stickers,MK camera,Double COM camera Flying shoot, xy axis motor motor、Magnetic grille ruler; THK straight line guide。

Patch accuracy

Repeated positioning: ± 0.02mm , Position accuracy: ± 0.05mm  3sigma

Patch speed

<1.0S/Paste Point

Qualification rate

Qualification rate ≥99.9%

Material size

minimum (mm): 3*3; maximum (mm): 40*40

PCB size

Monocele: Minimum (MM): 50*50,Maximum (MM): 350*300,thickness <5mm

Types of feeders

Tag feeder

Supply position


Host size

900x1330x1540mm (length*width*height) contain transmission track

Power supply

Single -phase communication 200 ~ 240V   50/60Hz 10A 3.0kWh

Equipment weight

Approximate 900 kg

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