AM4 series alien component plug -in machine

Product Function/Features:

1、Pasted Alien Material,Such as a phone passage、Net port、Switch、Connector、Non -standard capacitance, etc.;

2, 4 plug -in heads;

3. Wali intelligent assembly system.

Product introduction


AM4 series alien component plug -in machine

Basic configuration

Standard feeding platform,Anti -static plane belt transmission,4 plug -in head,MK camera,part recognition camera, xy axis motor motor、grating ruler; THK linear guide rail; you can dock with the MES system and MTS tools。

Patch accuracy

Repeated positioning: ± 0.02mm , Position accuracy: ± 0.05mm  3sigma

Patch speed

Paste speed: 1.0s/component

Qualification rate

Qualification rate ≥99.6%

Alien component size

minimum (mm): 5*5; maximum (mm): 32*32

PCB size

Minimum (MM): 50*50,Maximum (MM): 350*400

PCB Maximum width

> 3mm

Rail interface


Treatment Return device

Reserved Treatment Return Device Channel

Types of feeders

(Optional option)

Tray feeder,vertical editorial feeder,Pipe installed feeder,Vibration disk feeder

Positioning method

Mark positioning and machine visual positioning

Number of work heads

4 plug -in heads, can be inserted 4 kinds of materials

The size of the host

900x1250x1600mm (length*width*height) contain transmission track

Multiple plates of the material

320*910*800mm (length*width*height) (protruding host 430mm at the tail)

Power supply

Single -phase communication 200 ~ 240V   50/60Hz 10A 3.0kWh

Air pressure

Dry air 0.45-0.6m PA

Equipment weight

About 850 kg

Software Management

You can dock with the MES system and MTS tools