AM7 series pressure block intelligent pickup machine

Product Function/Features:

1、Suitable for PCBA multi -layer welding process (sandwiches) pressing in front of the furnace in front of the furnace、Get it after the furnace,and the equipment for the vehicle;

2、Extension function: Shielding cover and sticker buckle pressure、Tag、Remaining work of auxiliary materials such as thermal cotton,can be placed in front of the furnace to install the shielding box;

3. Wali intelligent assembly system.

Product introduction


AM7 series pressure block intelligent pickup machine

Basic configuration

Standard feeding platform,Three -stage anti -static belt transmission,2 stickers,MK camera,part recognition camera, magnetic grid ruler, servo driver,Liner motor,Single and two -track options; you can dock with the MES system and MTS tools。

Patch accuracy

Repeated positioning: ± 0.02mm , Position accuracy: ± 0.05mm  3sigma

Patch speed

Patch speed: 4.0 S /components

Qualification rate

Qualification rate ≥99.8%

Material size

Block: 38*78mm;  Shielding cover: minimum 5*5*0.04mm ,Maximum 80*50*0.2mm

Discode materialsWidth range = 245 mm , length ≦ 330 mm

PCB size

Double track: minimum: 50*50 (mm) ,Maximum: 300*230 (mm),thickness <5mm

Monocele: Minimum: 50*50 (mm) ,Maximum: 300*500 (mm),thickness <5mm

The maximum width of PCB clip edge

> 3mm

Rail interface


Types of feeders

(Optional option)

Fixed width multi -disk feeder (10 sets),Roll label supplier,Volume Putting Feida

Positioning method

Mark positioning and machine visual positioning

Number of work heads

2 stickers, which can be installed with 2 materials

Host size

900x1570x1600mm (length*width*height) contain transmission track

Power supply

Single -phase communication 200 ~ 240V   50/60Hz 10A 3.0kWh

Air pressure

Dry air 0.45-0.6m PA

Equipment weight

About 900 kg

Software Management

You can dock with the MES system and MTS tools