Market prospects for the automotive electronics industry

Release time: 2023-03-10 Publisher:

    Based on the following factors,In the future, the size of China's automotive electronics market will remain rapidly,From 2025,The scale of China's automotive electronics market is expected to exceed 880 billion yuan,approach 900 billion yuan。

1. China Automotive Electronics' heavy policy continues to catalyze the development of the industry。In recent years,National level about the design policy of the top -level design of automobile electronic,Internet industry、The smart automobile industry proposes action plans or development strategies

2. The sales of China's automotive electronics market increased year by year,The industry enters the stable development stage。2011-2018,my country's automotive electronic sales increase year by year,The growth rate is volatility.,With the continuous increase of domestic car ownership,The development space of car electronics is still very large。

3. The growth potential of China's automotive electronics industry will be further released,Vehicle Electronic Products Development Space wide。2018 in automobile electricization、Intelligent、Under the trend of network connection,More and more important car electronics。As new energy vehicles are included in the seven strategic emerging industries that the country has accelerated and developed,It is expected that the growth potential of the automotive electronics industry will be further released。