market prospects for consumer electronics industry

Release time: 2023-03-10 Publisher:

my country's consumer electronics industry is huge,With technological progress、Industrial Innovation,Based on the following factors,There is still a certain growth space in the industry。It is expected to be 2027,my country's consumer electronics industry will rise to 2,$ 76 billion

1. National industrial policy support。In recent years,In order to promote the health of the consumer electronics market、rapid development,The country has introduced a series of policies to support the development of the consumer electronics industry。

2. The consumption power of residents is continuously enhanced。With the sustainable and healthy development of my country's national economy,The per capita disposable income of residents continues to grow steadily,People’s spending power is continuously enhanced。

3. Technical innovation development brings new motivation to the industry。New technologies are continuously used in consumer electronics products to make consumers' demand for consumer electronics gradually become intelligent、convenient、Integration and other directions extend,Promoting the rapid iteration of consumer electronics products。

4. my country's consumer electronics manufacturing industry occupies an important location in the global industrial chain。Compared to other countries,my country's labor force、The advantages of production factors such as natural resources are still more obvious,Consumer electronics manufacturing manufacturers are in large number,Cover the chip、Panel、optical、Acoustics、Battery and other fields